• GIACOMO BONDI - Breakfast Club Paris, Chillout (Rubrique)

    GIACOMO BONDI - Breakfast Club Paris,  Chillout (Rubrique)

    GIACOMO BONDI, Producteur, musicien italien.

    Owner and director of GBMUSIC music productions, is a self-taught musician of various instruments, who grew up with the records of Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, J.M. Jarre, as well as the Beatles and Italian artists like Pino Daniele. As early as 1985, still very young, he worked in many recording studios, working on music technology/computers as an audio engineer, a midi expert and arranger. He has always been enthralled by the world of computers and music technology, having experimented in this field and continuing to study the relationship between sound and its effects, so as to compose pieces dense with noises and rarified sonorities, in the hopes of recreating the typical visual atmospheres of cinematic and television music. Ove

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